Cheat sheet

The characters or syntax used in the game

Characters Description
| Alternation
\d Digit
\D Not a digit
\w Word character
\W Not a word character
\s Whitespace character
\S Not a whitespace character
[a-z] Character class
[^a-z] Negated character class
* Quantifier 0 or more occurrences
+ Quantifier 1 or more occurrences
? Quantifier 0 or 1 occurrence
{2,} Quantifier 2 or more occurrences
{1,4} Quantifier 1 to 4 occurrences
\b Word boundary
\B Not a word boundary
^ Start of the string
$ End of string
\G Position at the end of the previous match or start of the string
\K All that is matched so far is not part of the returned match
\1 Backreference to capture group 1
(?= Positive lookahead
(?! Negative lookahead
(?<= Positive lookbehind
(?<! Negative lookbehind
(...) Capture group
(?:...) Non capture group
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